August 5, 2005

Unfortunate Children's Books

A growing Flickr photoset of book covers from a public school library in New Jersey. Some choice titles: Italian Peepshow, Cornzapoppin'!, and the nerdtastic I Am A Jew. Mazeltov.

Unfortunate Childrens Books [ via boingboing]


Not much curb-appeal with these books. I wonder if they're any good. Everything is in the name. Remember the Chevy Nova. It didn't sell well in South America, since 'no va' beens 'no go' in Spanish!

Pedantic OT comment:

The Nova story is an urban legend (actually more of a poorly researched business book anecdote). The car actually didn't do that bad in Latin America. Believe it or not, Spanish speakers are easily able to distinguish "no va" and "Nova", just like you and I are able to distinguish "novice" and "no vice." Pemex even sells gasoline under the brand "Nova" to this day.

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