August 5, 2005

Book Review Contest: Urban Babies Wear Black

urban_babies_wear_black.jpgTitle: Urban Babies Wear Black
Author/Illustrator: Michelle Sinclair Colman, Nathalie Dion
Reviewer: Laura McMullan

There isn't much to say about this book, as it isn't a piece of great literature; it's a board book. With that said, it is a hilarious board book with wonderful art work and a great sense of self-deprecating humor for all urban parents.

According to the book, it is perfectly acceptable for an urban baby to do things their peers in rural America would never, such as do yoga, drink lattes, and appreciate art galleries. My daugher loves the book because she can tell that I love it- we have fun looking at the pictures and pointing to the babies, dogs and bottles. I love it because I notice something new in the illustrations each time I read it with her. This summer wehave been living in an urban area. I think all that is missing from our summer experiance is "Urban babies ride in Bugaboo Frogs".

And with the Bugaboo mention, Laura goes for the two-point conversion on the final play. I hope those are decaf lattes, btw.

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