August 5, 2005

Book Review Contest: Action Jackson: In Your FACE, Olivia

action_jackson.jpgThe first review to come in was written yesterday, before the contest even started. Todd Gibson just posted his latest Review Of The Week on his blog, From The Floor, and I figure, hey, if you've got a good review on your own site, that's close enough; just send me the link, and I'll post it as part of the contest. No need to be all greedy with the content.

Title: Action Jackson
Author/Illustrator:Jan Greenberg, Sandra Jordan/ Robert Andrew Parker
Reviewer: Todd Gibson

[excerpt]...If nothing else, the book serves as a nice antidote to the new classic Olivia by Ian Falconer in which a precocious piglet asserts that "I could do that in about five minutes" while viewing [Jackson] Pollock's Autumn River (Number 30) at the Met.
Read Todd's full review at From The Floor []
Get Action Jackson at Amazon []

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