August 4, 2005

The Red Shoes

saltwater_sandal_red.gifIt's not like she's picking these out herself, mind you. Just that the kid seems to be a magnet for cool red shoes.

First, for kickin' it old school, there are these Saltwater Sandals, which come in a million different colors, but we got red. They're $23 online at Rosie Posie, but they're the kind of thing you'll find at the tired, old surf shop on the Outer Banks, too.


Then at Comme Ca du Mode, a minimalist Japanese shop that's been around for a while, we saw the cool-looking red foam sandals above. They're really cushy, the closest thing to baby flip flops I've seen so far, and they were on sale for like 1,100 yen. They were on the list, until...


Muji. Is there anything they don't have? These sweet mesh sneakers come in a couple of colors, actually, and we'll probably get blue or grey in addition to the red. They were designed and tested in consultation with Muji's online community of parents (ok, they seem to all be mothers). They're about 2,600 yen.


How are any of these shoes for flexibility? We've been using Bobux (just like Robeez) and just bought Stride Rites. The Stride Rites seem stiff. Anyone use Preschoolians?

I LOVE Preschoolians after out growing Robeez. It's a great transistion to "real" (less flexible) shoes. And I also appreciate that they come with 3 inserts (wide, narrow and regular widths) to customize the fit for the shoe.

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