August 4, 2005

Taking A Pass On The Sensory Overload Japanese Baby Clothes

So a while back, I posted about the punk, psychedelic, retro, wacko patterned insanity of Japanese baby clothes? Well, forget it. It's not working for me in person.

The kid and I took some turns through Harajuku this week and found a shop filled with BooFooWoo, Super Boo, and Boo Home, some of the most intensely designed brands around. And whether it was the colors--which seemed slightly off somehow--or the fabrics, mostly thick with an odd softness--or the prices--they felt high, even on sale--the stuff just didn't look as cool as I thought it would. To each his own, I guess.

One thing I DID like: this cool swimsuit, which looks like a cheesy pro wrestler mask. Alas, it was an 80cm, just slightly too small for the kid [besides, she's got a little Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit, and I think you're allowed to have one or the other--Lilly or a wrestler mask--but not both.]


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