August 4, 2005

In The Broadband Laser-filled Future, No Sperm Tail Is Safe

Where to start? A team of in vitro fertilization researchers in Australia have successfully captured a sperm cell in California. And cut its tail off. With a laser. On the Internet.

While it's surprising enough to learn that IVF treatments can regularly involve cutting a sperm's tail off to make it easier to implant in an egg, at least I can understand it. [with no tail, they don't swim around, so they're easier to handle.] And I can understand why you'd use a laser to perform a microsurgery on a single cell. But what I don't get, is why the Autralians are involved, and why they're performing this surgery online, instead of right there in the room with the Petri dish.

On the other hand, if I can figure out what the URL is for this laser sperm tail-ectomy surgery, maybe I can get hooked up with their affiliate program. You know, I'd get like 10% of the revenue from every sperm I drove to their site. Round'em up, fellas! Baby needs a new pair of red shoes.

Sperm Snagged From Afar [, via wmmna]

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