August 3, 2005

It's Now You Realize There's A Pause, But No Mute Button: iPod Onesies*

ipod_my_baby_onesie.jpg""iPod" is the property of Apple Computer. iPod My Baby is not affiliated with Apple Computer in any way, except that we love iPods. And babies."

I love that they call them "Hanes onesies," which is the baby apparel industry equivalent of saying the "Microsoft iTunes Store." Gerber's battle-hardened band of trademark lawyers are gonna flatten Apple's on the way to shuttin' this outfit down. And they're not swayed by any of that "we love babies" stuff. Better buy one of these "iPod Onesies" while you can.

Personally, I want a black U2 limited edition. And to be listening to Negativland when it arrives.

iPod My Baby Hanes onesies [sic] are $15.95
[, via everyone]


Cool! Just ordered.
One "normal" in white and one mini in pink!

Thanks for the hint!

LOVE IT! I just bought two. Online shopping rocks! Thanks for giving notice about another online product - for we who hate crowds.

Great! I have two baby gifts to buy in the next couple of months, and these are DEFINITELY on the list.

I saw these linked somewhere else yesterday too... Gonna need to get one, because that's just awesome.

Just placed my order! Can't wait!

speaking of Negativland...they have no baby gear. "Christianity is stupid" would make a great tshirt for a little one.

[Or a perfect Christmas gift, perhaps? I hope anyone who's thinking of taking offense will be satisfied to wait until The Last Judgment. -ed.]

I'll wait to hear if anyone actually gets their shipments. I hope there isn't someone in Russia collecting all this money.

for anyone reading back this far, I saw they are now available in Nano Black...

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