July 30, 2005

Made Love: The Bruce Lee Bodysuit Is Just The Tip Of The Awesome Clothing Iceberg

bruce_made_love.jpgChe who? Who cares? Get your kid this awesome Bruce Lee tank Onesie. (I mean "a Bruce Lee-like bodysuit." Sorry, counsellor.]

This tiny-seeming Spanish company called Made Love has some of the coolest-looking baby clothes I've ever seen, anywhere. A bodysuit with a Portuguese DJ flyer screened on it; another with a red mesh applique' [who'da thunk it?]; hand-crocheted stuff, including a dress and tanks in white or black [warning: there are buttons, not snaps in the crotch.]...

I have to hand it to them, their mission statement is sure working on me: "The underlying concept of the collection is to create clothes for babies, which both parents and baby would love to wear, that is if they could speak (and parents could fit inside)!"

The only complaint I have is that it's available only in limited--and tiny--sizes: 0-2 months, 3-6, and a few 6-9, but nothing bigger. (I mean big enough for the kid, not big enough for me, of course.)

Bruce Lee-lookin' one-piece tank in green or blue, EUR30
at madelove shop [via wmmna]
Previously: Che Onesies* by Appaman, which does make a range of sizes, thanks


Props on their English. Here's an example: "To avoid skin rush all tags ans washing-instructions are either printed in the inside or attached to the outside of the fabrics." Skin rush? Is that like sorority rush? Or my personal favorite, "our baby-accessories differ to common baby motives and colours." Baby motives, of which my baby could claim Eating and Pooping.

[Yeah, it took me a while to figure out "motives." The difference here in Japan is, they put their quirkily translated English on billboards and t-shirts. -ed.]

We can call them ONE-Z, that isn't an infringement.

My browser is configured for German, and the entire site came up in German. So major props to them for providing a VERY multilingual site.

And yes, the clothes are pretty damn sweet. if only the cost... (oh, forget it, you only live once, right?)


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