July 30, 2005

Childish Clothing: Celebrity Baby Dog Chases Own Tail

mark_hoppus_blink182.jpgSo Blink 182's Mark Hoppus gets snapped with his kid at some charity event, pictures hit all the wire services, gossip magazines, and blogs, and I wonder what the kid's shirt says...and the trap has been sprung.

The shirt turns out to be merch from the family business. Mrs Hoppus (friends and maternity shop-owning business partners call her Skye) started a kids clothing line called Childish Clothing. [No news there; it happens all the time. No LA parent ever thinks there are baby clothes cool enough for their kid.]

What's different about Childish Clothing is the mind-blowing thoroughness with which it plays to every possible aspect of the celebrity publicity machine. And I'm not talking about it being designed by a celebrity's wife and modelled for the paparazzi by their kid, no. Each item of clothing is named after [or "inspired by," whatever that means] another celebrity's kid.

There's a Leni skirt (Heidi Klum), Rocco pants (Madonna), a Ryder tee (the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson), and a Nathan tee (Jon Stewart [?]). Little Hoppus is wearing a t-shirt called the Charles, after Russell Crowe's son, naturally. The spring version, which says "Dads Rule," is sold out, but check back for the fall version, which says "Dads Throw Phones At Bellboys."

Childish Clothing [childishclothing.com]
tiny and/or watermarked pictures of Mark Hoppus and his kid [b182.com, jul 05, via cbb]
related: Mercer Hotel Employee Attacks Croweís Phone With Face [gawker, or defamer]

1 Comment

Rude much? Wow. Skye hoppus has always been in to fashion and Mark's a great dad, I sense jealousy.

"Not cool enough for her kid"? JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!!

They're both successful, and uh, you're jealous.

[do your parents know you're online? -ed.]

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