July 29, 2005

What's It Gonna Take To Get You Into One Of These Arm Toys Today?

armtoy.jpgAJ at Thingamababy found The Arm Toy while doing what he calls "some errant web research." [I think that means he's trying to make his own Borg costume, but hey, we're the winners here, so it's cool with me.]

The idea for the Arm Toy came to some parents who spent a 12-hour flight from Florida to Hawaii picking up their kid's toys. As AJ puts it, now you can "have a playground on your arm"! Makes perfect sense to me, as long as you want to keep holding that baby.

In addition to these demonstrations by lovely Arm Toy spokesmodels (I love that Mom got her hair blown out and a fresh manicure for the photo shoot; The Arm Toy apparently goes from a day to evening, no problem.], the site has dozens of prototype sketches, options, and other design studies. Personally, I'd love to see an adaptable system, where you could swap out a whole series of toys and gadgets. Like The Arm DVD Player, for example. [see concept sketch here]

The patent-pending product is still in the test market stages, AJ reports, so if any of you distribution guys are listening, drop The Arm Toy people a line.

Baby Armtoy Playground
Preview: Baby Arm Toy Playground [thingamababy.com]


Dear God what happened to that woman's hair, or is she like some alien and that is more of a bone structure.

Although I think the idea itself has merit.

I am so glad you guessed "Borg costume" and not "dual nipple stimulation device for men".

I really thought that photo was from the '60s at first. That's a full blown bouffant. And like that mom ever actually plays with her baby. That's what the hired help is for.

Wow, that's neat. I think that it would work really for a baby in a sling. Even though they're pretty much a hands free way to hold a baby, most of the parents I know keep an arm near the baby anyway, even if just to cuddle.

BTW -- I'm a new reader of yours. I found your blog while googling the clear potty and was hooked.

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