July 25, 2005

Put Your Dad Blog Links Here

I've been working on an updated design for the site, adding some more categories, etc., but so far the only functionality the new design has is as an excuse for my not updating the dad blogroll in the sidebar.

If you'd like me to add your dad/dad-to-be/parent blog to the roll, please put a link in the comments along with the month your kid was/will be born. I'm not collecting any marketing data or doing their starcharts or anything; it's just to help me organize.

In the mean time, I'll post a link to FatGirlFromOhio.org, the video blog of Rupert, a British dad-to-be whose main subject is his wife, who's expecting any day now (and was probably expecting him to change the name of his blog before it got written up in the NYT. Oh well.)


Hey - I've got a site. Not too much there yet; finding time to write is tougher than it looks. Anyway, the little guy's a bit over nine weeks old. The site's at http://zayne.megatome.com

My site is http://www.therileys.net. Trying to keep it updated regularly, although that's proving to be a chore with the baby here now! She was born in June.

June '04. I try to post once a day, often product reviews or previews.


I've just begun SimpleDad and the DNS hasn't properly propagated yet, but otherwise I'm ready to go.

The idea behind SimpleDad is to highlight what baby stuff dads should want in the house and what they can safely do without. Plus some reviews of dad-relevant stuff like beer and gadgets along with tips to keep the mom happy too.

Ours is due this October.

dunno if I'm worthy or not, but I think I've got maybe 50-67% kid content, and the rest is a hodgepodge. my audience is mostly family and friends, so my tone reflects that. but we've got a boy (8/11/04) and a girl on the way (11/24/05), so more and more babyness to come.

Ours is about having a baby in San Francisco
My wife is due this oct - http://www.patatamonkey.com

Thanks! I have two: April and June.


Baby due at the end of August.

Because I'm Your Father, www.becauseimyourfather.com

Albert, or first, is almost 8 mos. Hope you'll consider the add.

would be an honor: kimthew.com; jan 05.

www.jangarcia.com. Our son Lucas was born on July 3, 2005. Thanks!

I'm in the same boat as bobw -- some dad content, some random crap -- but add me just the same. http://ashejones.blogspot.com. My girls are nearly 5 (Sept 00) and just turned 3 today (Jul 02).

Hello, I have three boys: 11 (01/04/94), 8 (3/17/97), and 14 months (05/19/04). I've only been blogging a short time but I'm finding it quite therapeutic. I love being a father and sharing the joy and frustration that comes along with the title. I'm still learning.

I'm a father of an almost 3 year old boy (8/22/02) and a just over a month old boy (6/13/05). I don't have a written blog, but I do have a photo site, which is probably too boring if you're not a friend or related to me.

Anyways, to save you the trouble of looking at photos of strangers, here's a favorite movie clip from 2004 of my son, Travis, that my friends always tell me they love to watch:

I know, I'm biased, but dag, my son is cute as heck!

Yupp, I've got a dadblog and my son is 6months in a couple of days - only one thing - the blog is in Norwegian :) so good luck

I started a blog a couple of months before my little son (AKA "the Turtle") was born in March of this year. It helps to keep the grandparents informed.

Cheers, Greg! Ah yes, the name... Hmm.

Buck Lite will be joining us sometime in late September. If you can't guess, he's the first one.


Hey everyone, my name is Dallas. Nice site!

I am going through a divorce, but I'm still friends with mom, we have big issues as far as disciplining and not understanding each other...I have a step son that does what he's pleases. Pretty sad! But, I have faith it will all work out, somehow. My baby girl is due in Nov. If you care to read about my days and events, my blog is www.azdaddy.blogspot.com

I have ultrasound pictures and updates on my unborn baby girl at: www.dayshababy.blogspot.com

Check it out...thanks.


pumpkindiary: an Australian dadblog written by yours truly, starting on the day of the positive pregnancy test. Bram was born in May this year.

Here's one more.
The Bean was born Sept. '03
The blog was born June '05
The blog is All Bean All The Time-- At-Home-Dad stuff in the SF Bay Area




Due in October.


Owen was born in December 2004, right around the time I coincidentally stopped going to movies, eating out, sleeping... [that sounds about right. -ed.]

Hey there... I post random stuff, particularly about movies, but also mostly about my son Xan. The site is deepinyoureyes.blogspot.com and my son was born in March 2005.

I've been writing about my 2 week old son since December here.

Photos by a dad, http://pkobayashi.blogspot.com, Julian, born March 2004

I've been a daddy types reader/ lurker for almost a year. Our baby was born in January. I'm keeping an active blog about raising this baby in San Francisco @ http://www.sweetjuniper.blogspot.com/

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your site.

Split time between musings and baby stuff - Declan was born June 2, 2005 - 5 1/2 weeks premature - interesting first few weeks commuting to spend time with him in the NICU.

The blog was funnier when he was younger and everything was all chaotic. But I'm still trying to hold me own.

Start-Up Dad : http://kadenhyatt.blogspot.com

born Feb 23, 2005 (Kaden Hyatt)

I just started reading this blog, and it's really cool, I like it a lot.

Anyway, I've been running a blog for our daughter Amelia since she was born in Feb '05 at www.whatsameliadoing.com

Hope you'll consider adding it.

The blog about our son Colin, born Oct 2004.

He's got mad skills; we report on them. I'd like to thank you on his behalf, and I hope we pass the audition.

My main blog is all technical (I work for Microsoft), but I started a Fatherhood category recently at http://blogs.msdn.com/andypennell/archive/category/10503.aspx. Our daughter Madeline was born in May 2003.

My blog is dedicated to the Stay at Home Dad. I have 4 children I stay home with. My blog is www.sillydad.com. Thanks!

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