July 17, 2005

This Cardboard Cradle Will Rock Your Crunchy World.

green_lullaby_crib.jpgThis cool reinforced cardboard rocking cradle was invented by R. Kenan, who founded a company, Green Lullaby, to produce and distribute it. It knocks together in three minutes, is as flame retardant as any furniture, and meets all the EU's safety and performance standards for children's furniture. AND it's recycleable. It's good to use until the kid can sit or pull up.

The Green Lullaby comes in the Pottery Barn-y circle pattern shown here, which includes--absolutely free--red, black, and white pictures and patterns on the inside, "to enhance a newborn's mental development." [Although one image is a big clown face, which, if you ask me, could end up haunting the kid's dreams his whole life. Donnie Darko may have started out in a cardboard crib, nome sane?]

But it also comes in a plain white version you--or, the company suggests--an older sibling can decorate with stickers. The potential for hilarity--and lifelong scarring--is pretty high here, too.

There are two other designs, including a sheep and a teddy bear, but oddly, there isn't one that shows off the cardboard in its pure, unaltered, brown state. Bummer. No word on a mattress, either, but my guess is, you just throw in a pillowcase full of packing peanuts.

In any case, the Green Lullaby is set to sell for only EUR 49, so you really can't complain too much. And neither will your treehugging friends.

Check out the Green Lullaby Eco-friendly Rocking Cradle [green-lullaby.com, via DT reader Jan]
I hear Babylonia is the distributor in Belgium and Holland. As for the rest of us, I guess we're left sleeping in a cardboard box.


Seems like a great idea. Certainly would be much easier to store in a car on a trip.


Greg, why do you always list the prices of products in euros? Why not the good ol green back?

If you really want to make something seem expensive, use the Mexican Peso.


Why in the world would anyone put their child in a cardboard cradle? I just can't see my self using one of these things. Looks like a little death trap to me.

It makes it easier to travel. Just pour some styrofoam peanuts in there, slap on some postage, and you're all set...

Hi -
I was interested to check the link out, but it won't work - is there anythig wrong?

Meike -- weirdly, the link kept resolving to an Israeli telecom site. for me. I thought the site was down and did a google search, which sent me to: http://www.green-lullaby.com/ -- which worked fine. Normally firefox doesn't require the "www" but I guess in this case it does.

It sells in the UK at Mothercare

They ship internationally.

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