July 12, 2005

One Dad's Stroller Mod: The Quinny Freestyle 2x4

quinny_2x4.jpgAwesome. Ricky, a DT reader and dad of two, just posted a link to his homebrewed double stroller, which he crafted from two of Wal-Mart.com's closeout Quinny Freestyle 4's. I don't know what the JPMA says about this, and it'll probably void your dealer warranty [but then again, Ricky's solution doesn't alter the original Quinny frames or seats in any way, so who knows?], but it's definitely worth checking out.

The functional objective here was the Quinny Freestyle 4XL Plus, which accommodates chairs and carseats in various combinations (but costs EUR 510 before shipping at babycare.nl). With two regular 4's, some hardware and a drill press, Ricky's kids now ride in sweet Quinny comfort for less than half the price.

Bionic Blog: Quinny Stroller Mod [bionic-blog.blogspot.com]
Previously: Quinny Freestyle 3 and 4 in Wal-Mart Fire Sale


That is pretty awesome. I'm thinking about picking up one of those Quinnys - but product information is hard to find. How much do they weigh? Easy to fold down? How the heck does that turning mechanism work? Does the seat really turn around? Does it go horizontal? Any comments or images are appreciated.

Also - why don't more people like/talk about the Mountain Buggy Urban? A lot of you are on the Bugaboo Bandwagon, but have some complaints about weight or portability - the MB seems like the perfect pushchair - if perhaps a little REI in looks (I really like the spare, utilitarian looks, though). Plus, I just got a 2004 model (sans recall issues) for $240 at The Right Start here in California. Perhaps the MB is not cool enough for Manhattan? Sure seems perfect for hiking/beach/canyons/hills/strip malls out here.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks!

Pancho, I am in Manhattan and see Mountain Buggies constantly. The double model is especially popular, both with twins and older/younger siblings. I trip over them whenever I leave my apartment!

Ok, i can give you some info on the Quinnys, which are still sold in Sears stores in Canada:
they weigh around 38 lbs. Yes, bloody heavy. Theya re also very wide, andmay not fit through doorways
The steering works sort of like the steering on a car, as opposed to full swivel wheels. Oddly, it is easier to steer with a heavier kid in it than it is empty.
It isn't bad to fold down, but is by no means compact
The seat lays completely flat and can reverse for a carriage position.
My little monster still has plenty of room in it, and finds it comfortable at 3 years old, 42" tall and 45 lbs.

I must say, that is a pretty awesome mod. Hrm, I do have some rebar around here, and I could probably make that work with the car seat adapters that are sold here with the quinnys (to accomodate a Designer 22 seat)

Pancho - check your email.

where can i get one of the car seat adapters to put my designer 22 on my quinny? also, which quinny's does the adapter work on?

thanks in advance

You can't. The adapters for the Designer 22 are really only sold with the seat in Canada
You could try calling Dorel and asking them to send you some.

Really, Amazing baby stroller!!

Could you please tell me where you can buy that Quinny Freestyle 4XL Plus that you were talking about? Thanks so much. Please get back to me asap

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