July 11, 2005

Madonna Don't Preach, Kabbalah Ghostwriter Does

Whether you were refusing to buy the pedantically anti-materialist new children's book Lotsa de Casha on principle because it was written by Madonna, or you were a lifelong fan wondering how your idol could crank out such moralizing claptrap, you can rest easy. Turns out all of Maddona's children's books have actually been written by the Kabbalah Center's chief ghostwriter, one Eitan Yardeni.

So not only can you buy all the books with a clear-if-deranged conscience, you can use your red-string-and-water money to do so. Now that's what I call win-win.

Material Ghost
[nypost.com, via...where did I get this, because it's not like I read Page Six myself...]

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