July 8, 2005

"Underground Kids' Music Circles"

Slate has a roundup of interesting-sounding music for (and in some cases, by) kids that promises not to drive parents crazy. It includes They Might Be Giants' new ABC cd [of course]; an upbeat kids' electronica collection; the Portland-based Captain Bogg & Salty [described for better or worse as "an Easy Reader version of the Decemberists"]; Vancouver's kid-filled band, Duplex!, who throw parents an insider nod with a cover of Schoolhouse Rock's "Figure Eight"; and the oddball-sounding, kid-driven Eyeball Skeleton, whose "monomaniacal, Stooges-in-the-sandbox theme song has become something of a hit in underground kids' music circlesóthe New Jersey/Internet radio station WFMU's 'Greasy Kid Stuff' show plays it virtually every week."

"Greasy Kid Stuff"? Why has no one mentioned this before? They sound awesome. OK, to be honest, they sound like total weirdos, but isn't that what you'd want in an underground kids music show? Definitely worth a listen, whether on Saturdays 10-noon EST, their sample show, or via one of their two compilation cd's.

Buccaneer Rock [slate]
Greasy Kid Stuff homepage [wfmu.org]
Eyeball Skeleton homepage [fortunately, the domain name eyeballskeleton.com was available]


And don't forget Candy Band!

Eyeball Skeleton is actually all over the WFMU playlist -- and their "theme song" (Eyeball Skeleton) cracks our baby up every single time she hears it. The CD is a must have!

I highly recommend the Greasy Kid Stuff archives (seriously....you weren't already listening to it? the mind boggles!), as the show is on during naptime at our house. A couple year's worth of shows in streaming format, which I suspect we'll be listening to forever.

I highly recommend Justin Roberts' music.

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