July 6, 2005

Sweet Clear Potty: See Results Instantly!

babywunder_clear_potty.jpgIf all they did was introduce me to this awesome clear potty from Babywunder, I'd be grateful to the Elimination Communication for helping me keep up with the hottest trends in both parenting and modern interior design [Everything in Lucite!].

But when they promise that, "Never again will you need to do the finger dip-stick or slosh-n-listen test!" AND they give firsthand advice on which works better, the Velcro Potty Cover or the exclusive Potty Turtleneck [who knew?] they've won a customer for life.

Babywunder Clear Potty, was $25, now $20 while supplies last at The EC Store. Potty Turtlenecks ($8) come in pink or a million indistinguishable printed fleece fabrics (flame is the obvious choice). [theecstore.com]
A Quest for Furniture With Nothing to Hide [nyt's beta-male, rick marin]


I can honestly say that I have never needed to "fingerdip" to know if the Monster has used the potty. Ew, just EW.
All the same, a very snazzy item. You know, for soemthing the kid will crap on.

Okay, so since I'm gonna be a first timer at this whole infant business, lemme just clarify: you mean sometimes you can't tell if the kid really went, so you're sticking various body parts inside the toilet to check? I really need some clarification on this. And to follow up on the previous commenter...Ew. Ew. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! And yet again, ew. Thank you.

The fact that you put 'while supplies last' makes me laugh. Are they expecting to truly sell a whole batch of these? Talk about potty fears for the kid. I cant imagine sitting on that and literally having everyone capable of staring at you if they wanted too. Yikes.

I'd think these instructions for checking a diaper would apply equally well to checking a potty.

I knew it. It was just time for another round of "clear" products. Remember Pepsi Clear from the 80s? Or clear mascara? (The problem with that one was that it was in a clear tube and you could see the bacteria growing in the tube. Eww. Even the intrepid Tiffany-wanna-be 14-year-old couldn't soldier through that.)

I'm sure this clear potty fad will pass in a few months and we can all go back to using the white Baby Bjorn one-piece potty that has transitioned so many kids into big-boy pants. In a white potty, everyone can see you've peed.

hi, design flaw! with a one-piece potty, you gotta carefully upend the whole curvaceous thing over the toilet to empty it. and it splashes, and it is harder to rinse out, and it's just a big steaming load of annoying. whereas if it has a little removable bowl in the center, life is good, if less snazzy. then again, wiping clinging poop out of the potty and sponging pee off your toilet seat are not snazzy either.

luv, one who has already potty-trained

Marjorie, we liked the one-piece because with a boy it's easier to have a one-piecer so you don't have to clean pee out of the cracks and around the rim of the lift-out pot. Our son also started on the early side (at his instigation) and it was easier for him to use a one-piece thing than navigate a more complicated pot.

I really hope my second trains as easily and as early (2.4) as my first did. But I don't think a clear potty will have any effect on that.

moxie: ah, gotcha. to each his/her own in pottyland.

WOW, I sure wish this was around when I had to potty train a little girl.

Mostly about lazyness. Being able to see if the deed is done from across the room seems super handy to me.

Nice idea for the next one ^_=

What's next? Clear diapers for those who don't want to check!

Mystery solved. I knew something was up when I had a rash of orders for Babywunder Deluxe potties all shipping to males. Thanks for the publicity!

I'm about to order another batch from Germany so the supply is not in jeopardy.

Thanks again for the publicity - I'll have to get my husband a daddytype.com shirt!

(I don't do the fingerdip test, I promise - I'm the "slosh 'n' listen" type.)

I got such a kick out of seeing my words (yea, I wrote the "finger dip-stick/slosh-n-listen" lines for theECstore.com) on this blog. I admit, I have stuck my finger in a potty (opaque ones) in an effort to determine if my daughter had peed already without removing her from the potty to check. Note I said PEE, not POOP. Believe me, if she poops in the potty, I know about it before she stands up. But then, we didn't start EC until after she'd started solid foods, so if the contents of the potty might include odor-free breastfed baby poo you use your own discretion on that one.

In a crowded restroom with "ambiant" music blaring, you may not hear the deed. Even at home, if you aren't paying close attention (for example, let's say you have another child) you might miss the magic moment. Do you lift the baby off to check, risking removing him/her too soon? Do you try to peer in? If you can get a glimpse, can you tell the difference between the bottom of a clean potty and one with a shallow pool of pee in it? When you are talking about pottying a baby, sometimes you are getting really tiny amounts of pee, and no way to say, "I'm done."

And really, I'm not one to care if I get a drop of baby pee on my finger. But slosh-n-listen if you prefer. Or, better yet, get a clear potty. They rock!

Is germany the only place you can get this potty from? I am trying to buy one in Australia but no luck, they sell other baby bjorn products here, but can't get this clear potty. Don't want to buy it from America cause aussie dollar means we loose out, plus big postage costs - believe me, these potties ARE in demand here - EC is really taking off down under!! (excuse the pun)

It should go along with mini kit of scoops and tiny containers for the most curious parents.

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