July 1, 2005

Van Halen's 'Somebody Get Me A Doctor' Covered By A 3-Year-Old

Ezra Lux is three years old and performs under the name Rock Jack. For info on his CD, his drummer dad, and a couple of sample tracks, check this WFMU post. Meanwhile, here's Rock Jack's cover of Van Halen's "Somebody...
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Industrial Designers Awards: More Than Rectal Thermometers, Much More

Very interesting. Here are some other kid-related winners from the Business Week-sponsored Industrial Design Excellence Awards: Gerber SippySnacker, "a reinvention of the iconic sippy cup that, for the first time, combines a spill-proof cup and snack holder." Note: also named...
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Two-Time Award-Winning Rectal Thermometer!

In news that turned the rectal thermometer design industry on its head, Smartdesign won a silver medal in the Business Week Industrial Design Excellence Awards this week for their innovative, orifice-optimized Vicks Rectal Thermometer. And if that weren't enough,...
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The Mercedes R-Class: Because minivans make you sad

I don't know what's more surprising in the "docufilms" Mercedes produced to introduce the new R-Class GST (Grand Sports Tourer): seeing skater/shill Tony Hawk talk about what kind of car he'd be ("not a clunky SUV"), or hearing the...
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Two Doors or Two Kids: Can't Have Both?

I can't figure out how he did it with backseats that small (a VW Beetle and BMW 325), but DT reader John managed to conceive two kids, and now he's got himself a dilemma: "We have a Graco Snug Ride...
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Pretty Depressed, Pissed Baby

Apparently fed up with being criticized as a misguided pill-popping mess by the sideshow freak formerly known as Tom Cruise, Brooke Shields speaks out forcefully in the NY Times:While Mr. Cruise says that Mr. Lauer and I do not "understand...
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