June 29, 2005

Gay Baby Crisis? We've Got Just The Thing

We're all about solutions here at Daddy Types. DT reader Andrew sent in this news story: "New Dad Thinks Baby Might Be Gay," which leaves a giant, painful question unanswered: What's the kid gonna wear?

Fortunately, I just spotted this on Gawker:

Saw Paul Rudd (he of žCluelessÓ and žFriendsÓ) having a post Pride-parade drink with friends at Art Bar in the Village on Sunday night. Not too notable, except he was with his wife and baby who was wearing a onesie that read, žIŪm not gay, but my boyfriend is.Ó This kid should have no issues. Right.
New Dad Thinks Baby Might Be Gay [theonion.com]
Gawker Stalker [gawker.com]
Actually, I can't find one for sale. Just regular CafePress stuff.


First off, I hope someone points out to Gawker that "Onesie" is a trademark of the Gerber corporation, and I am sure they didn't make a Onesie(tm) with THAT slogan on it! (where are those Gerber lawyers when you need them?) ;)

And second, those famous people always have access to nice things the rest of us common folk do not...

I'll add a third: Articles appearing in The Onion probably shouldn't be called "news stories" since they're complete fabrications.

Depends on your definition of news. My definition is: "new information of any kind." Complete fabrication isn't a disqualifier. Fabrication, bias and gross misrepresentation exists in "real" news reports, too. The Onion is social commentary, and that's news to me.

Personally I love The Onion pretty funny stuff they have there. It might not be actual news but it does shed light on what is wrong with our society.

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