June 29, 2005

Beauty! Quinny Buzz Spotted In Canadian Sears, eh?

DT reader (Another) Greg reports that while it's not listed on the Canadian store site, Sears in Hamilton, Ontario is selling the Quinny Buzz for $449.00 CAD.

Now, I don't know where "drove to Canada to buy a stroller; turns out it wasn't there" falls on the Hoser Curve, but I'm sure it's way more than 2-sigma, so call first, eh?

Hamilton-area Sears stores
Sears at Hamilton Centre Mall, Hamilton being near Toronto, of course [oh, of course. thanks, google maps]


Having lived in the Buffalo, NY area for 26 years, I can tell you that Hamilton is halfway between Niagara Falls, NY and Toronto. So, if you are looking for a US reference point, well, there you go.

Of course, I don't know who in Buffalo is going to afford a Quinny Buzz...

Greg, driving here for a stroller that isn't there would only be made worse by doing it in a car with skis strapped to the roof.

Sears, in Hamilton, at Limeridge Mall also has a Quinny for sale. I've been ogling for a while.

This Sears also has a free daily lactation clinic for nursing moms in the area and all the stores have women's washrooms equipped with rockers and actually changing tables for taking care of baby's needs. Never been into the men's myself. Perhaps Hamilton Greg can vouch.

Greg, Quinny has carriers now too. Check out my site or Quinny's.They are pretty cool looking.

Hey patty what's your sight? Do you also happen to know the Wrapps' Price Point? [Patty runs Baby Chic 101, which is just what it sounds like: chic for babies. -ed.]

I do not know their price point, but I can find out. Give me a few hours.

*edit* They're new, they are not out for sale yet anywhere expect the Netherlands. Babycare doesn't have them yet but I suspect that they will.

I saw it at the Sears in the Rideau Centre mall in downtown Ottawa, Ontario in the last week or so. Google map link

I believe the Buzz is now being carried in most Sears stores in Canada.

Sears at Carlingwood Mall in Ottawa has them too, so, whoever said all Sears have them gets the prize.

They're available online now at www.sears.ca for $449.99 (canadian, of course!)

from sears.ca's shopping faq:
"Q. Do you sell to customers outside of Canada?
A. We regret to inform you that Sears Canada does not ship orders internationally. At this time, we only ship items to Canadian addresses."

Does anyone know what colors or color that Sears, Canada stocks? I happen to have relatives traveling in Canada and was hoping to bribe them to pick one up for me but the web site doesn't state a color.

Apparently they come in blue and black, but I've only seen the blue reflection on display.

The Quinny Buzz is in stock in Vancouver, Canada. They have them at TJ's Kids on Marine Drive. It's wider than I expected. The fold is cool, but it felt awkward carrying it when it was folded.

TJ's Kids Quinny Buzz

- Kirk.

BTW, I believe that they will ship to the US, but don't quote me on that. They have a button on their website to select US or Canadian pricing.

- Kirk.

[but then you can't select a non-Canadian address to ship it to later on in the process. Then if you read their Terms of Service and shipping policies, it says they don't ship out of Canada. -ed.]

TJ's does ship to the USA.

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