June 28, 2005

Thermospot Baby Thermometers For Dummies

thermospot.gifOr rather, for mothers in developing nations who don't have ready access to nurses and traditional mercury thermometers [d'oh, mercury?!!]. The Thermospot was designed by one John Zeal in response to the apparently widespread infant hypothermia problem in many cultures of Africa, southeast Asia, Nepal, what have you.

The Thermospot sticks on a baby like a decal on a banana, and mothers are told to watch that the smiley face doesn't disappear. As long as it's there, the kid's body temperature is warm enough. But if the smile disappears, and the face turns black, that's the sign there's trouble, and the mother needs to wrap the baby and warm him up.

Let me repeat that for sheer ironic impact: when you see the black face, that's when you know there's trouble. Black face=trouble. Simple as that. Any questions?

Fading smile could save babies [bbcnews, via wmmna]


How on earth did the human race survive before inventions like this one? As for not wrapping up newborns... How have the Nepalese survived up 'til now? The mind boggles ;)

That is just too funny... I guess it's the "Mood Ring" technology... greed, er, I mean green is good and black is bad. I bet it will be a real hot seller in Africa...

It's an idiot light for babies! Maybe they need a siren like in NHL when a goal is scored for when the baby drops a load in the diaper.

Another bleeding heart trying to put an end to natural selection... great.

Green is good, so is that like, pro-Martian or something?

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