June 27, 2005

Michelle Shocked Playing Joe's Pub, Wed. 6/29 at 3PM

Michelle Shocked is playing three gigs at Joe's Pub Wednesday, including one for kids & families at 3PM. It'll feature her Western swing- and blues-style rendition of Disney classics like "Bare Necessities" and "When You Wish Upon A Star," none of that new-fangled "Hakuna Matata" stuff.

The Details:
Joe's Pub Family Series
Michelle Shocked--Got No Strings
Special Weekday Matinee
Wednesday, June 29th
$30, $15 for children 12 and under for family matinee
Family Friendly menu available [note: the event site also says two drink minimum or $12 food order/person. Milk counts.]

Michelle Shocked Threesome Performances at Joe's Pub
Not going? Order your copy of Shocked's just-released CD, "Got No Strings" from Amazon. Or get the whole Threesome of new CD's in one box set.

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