June 22, 2005

Picky Eaters? Or My Kid The Kale Junkie

veggiebooty.gifThe NYT says that toddlers who are picky eaters might suffer some health and growth setbacks as a result. Except when they don't.

And if it's encouraged or tolerated at a young age, picky eating habits can contiue to haunt a child as they get older. Except when they don't.

Confused? Basically, there's no science and few surveys, but most people think kids aren't eating their vegetables. Unless you count french fries.

There's some interesting/depressing stats, but the only real practical information I can see is:

  • Don't make meals or vegetables a battle or create too many negative connotations, and
  • Don't give up trying to get kids to eat stuff. The rule of thumb is, it takes a kid ten tries before he'll eat something. Most parents stop at five, and my sister-in-law says it's more like 30.

    Meanwhile, just stuff the kid full of Veggie Booty, which is made from all kinds of vegetables, including kale. The kid pounds that stuff.

    Bananas, Maybe. Peas and Kale? Dream On. [nyt]
    "Veggie Booty is basically crack for babies." [salon]
    Mmm. Veggie Booty. [robscape.com]


    I've always been partial to Pirate Booty, myself. Like Veggie Booty, but without the good stuff. They also have Girlfriend's Booty.. not quite so good.

    My daughter (11 mos) just LOVES broccoli and avacado .. we'll see how long that lasts.

    We thought Cheerios were a tolerable addiction--then we introduced goldfish and discovered the new crack, Nilla cookies are a big hit too.

    Hi Greg, we want to share the joy and let you know we have a great Q&A post up on our blog with Maria Lennon, whose first book, Making It Up As I Go ALong is just out. She is very funny so stop by. Thanks! Cooper (BTW, We are not involved in publishing her book, we just want more traffic and want to support a fellow parent.)

    My 21 month old daughter will eat only Pirate's Booty somedays!!!! There has to be crack in it.

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