June 22, 2005

Christian Bale and His Graco SnugRide Car Seat

If you think I'd suggest choosing your baby gear based on which actor is photographed with it, I'd say you have me confused with InStyle magazine [and I'd also say you're something of a chump, let's face it]. No, I'm pointing out that Christian Bale had a Graco SnugRide infant car seat at LAX the other day purely for reference purposes. See the difference?

Apparently, he and his wife have a child who weighs less than 20 lbs. And judging from the pink plush car seat cover, it's a girl.

Can I just say, while I find this gearspotting kind of entertaining, I'm also pretty ambivalent. Being a new parent--and flying international with a kid--is stressful enough, but to have to manage in public with your kid while paparazzi are snapping pictures all around you--the strong light in this pic was from a flash--has to suck. It makes me think twice (or more) about posting every time I come across one of these photos. Of course, then I usually smother my conscience with a pillow and post it anyway. I mean, the man's got a movie to promote, right?

So see the movie [we did, and we liked it], then buy the car seat, a Graco SnugRide car seat in Casimir, at Wal-Mart [I'm sure that's where Christian Bale got it] for $99.96.
You're on your own on the plush thing, though; I still have some conscience left. [via celebrity-babies]

Previously: Forbes Magazine's tally for how much it'd cost to be Batman? Then you need to remember that Batman is a fictional character.]


I kinda want him to be pushing the kid in that Japanese Batman stroller we found a while back... :)

Why isn't Christian Bale pushing his kid around in one of those $1200 Batman themed strollers that was mentioned here last week?

LoL.. this doesn't surprise me... Christian doesn't seem like the kind of guy to have a zillion dollar stroller or a high-priced nanny toting his kid.

I love that what his biggest fans (at least on CBB) love most is how he tries to maintain a private life--even as they clamor for more pictures of the kid.

No kidding, right? I got a few emails saying, "I can't believe you posted those-so disrespectful! But when will you have more?" People are crazy.

The pics only got taken in the first place because they left LAX at the same time as Tom and Katie-big mistake!

I was looking at the photo of Christian Bale at LAX with his baby girl. The car seat may be from Graco, but the pink seat cover is from Ba Ba Seatskins, The cover is not cashmere, but Genuine Sheepskin. Please go to www.BaBaSeatskins.com to look at that seat cover and the others avilable from them.

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