June 20, 2005

News From The Front: The Bugaboo Cupholder Wars

Yes, it's true, America saved Europe's butt in WWII; if it weren't for us*, they'd be speaking German in Holland right now.**

And how do they repay us? By leaving the cupholders off their irresistable strollers? Danke schoen, indeed.***

Never fear, because while you might think all's been quiet on the Bugaboo cupholder front, it turns out valiant American drinkers of Venti mochalattes, Diet Cokes, and even Alaskan Amber beer, have been hard at work, preserving our American Way of Life insisting on taking our beverages with us when we head out with the stroller.

First off, DT reader Marcia suggests the Milan Stroller Cup Holder Attachment Accessory, which has two seatback-style pockets as well as two fabric cup holders. Looks like an awful lot of solution to me, but at least it's thin and decently designed.

bugaboo_skychair.jpg bugaboo_sky_chair2.jpg

And second, from Seattle DT reader/researcher Jonathan comes the SKY Chair solution [above]:

apparatus is easily attached to the Frog by wrapping the straps three
times around the handle before looping the holder through the loop at
the end of the straps. The loops are dressed, and voila a drink holder that looks like it came directly from the Netherlands. For a longer drink holder, one could wrap the straps twice around the handle...This will fit any standard size latte cup, soda bottle, etc. As this was a brainstorm session, the only thing I have in the house to demonstrate the holder is said Alaska Amber. Bear in mind that responsible daddy types never drink and Bugaboo at the same time.
God Bless America.

Buy the Milan Stroller Cup Holder Attachment Accessory from Carry You for $39.95 [carryyou.com]
Buy a SKY Chair hanging drink holder for $10 [skychairs.com]

* I'm told that Canada, not the US, liberated Holland.
** I'm also reminded that Dutch sounds like German spoken by an American--or a Canadian, for that matter.
*** I don't need reminding that New York was founded by the Dutch, so I will cut them a lot of slack.


I guess I've lived in Europe far far too long. I still haven't figured out why you need to carry a hot cup of coffee around a baby?

Valco makes a universal bottle/cup holder that fits great on the Bugaboo. I got it for $10 at my local baby store.

Dutch doesn't sound ANYTHING like German!! Who said this?

[I did. but German spoken by an American. -ed.]

I love the Milan from Carryyou.com. I have bought two so far, one for my Peg Perego Italian stroller that my wife made me buy and another for my running stroller. I don't know what I did without them. It holds two drinks, keys, wallet, and extra toys. With kids, when do you ever have too much storage...

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