June 10, 2005

Have You Ever Heard of The Wiggles? heh

the_wiggles.JPGThose Australians are such dreamers, always pursuing some wacky, creative idea. Take these four friends [I believe they're called "mates" down there] who were studying to become preschool teachers when they decided to make something for kids, maybe a CD or a tape they could put on TV. I wonder if anyone will buy it? Or come to their show this weekend in New Zealand, where a reporter met them for this cheery little profile?

Or if anyone'll go see them on their three month US tour coming up later this year? Or if anyone will watch their TV show? Who knows, but you gotta give them credit for trying, anyway.

One of them's even named Greg! Ahoy, there fellas! Good luck!

Fab Wiggles four chugga into town [nzherald]
Hey, they even have a website! [warning: perky audio]


My little boy is only 7 months old, and doesn't really watch any TV yet. But the couple of times we've turned the Wiggles on, his attention is right on it! These guys put on a great show for kids, sort of reminding me of such fellows as Tom Glazer.

We won't be attending any of the shows that are coming through town (we live in Columbus) as he's too young to appreciate them, but we'll definitely be watching our share of this fine kids program!

i had never heard of the wiggles before last summer, but i drive the light rail in minneapolis and when the wiggles were at the target center our trains were packed to the gills with toddlers and moms. now that was a sight

The songs are short, silly and infectious... "Fruit Salad... Yummy Yummy..."
Our son has a limited TV watching schedule and Wiggles is part of that schedule. He loves them and will watch the entire show which is good for mommy and daddy. Apart from being very corny, they do carry messages such as sharing and other "model citizen" ideas.

We are currently thinking of purchasing a couple Wiggles DVDs for a long road trip this summer. After all, The Wiggles are Australia's most wealthy entertainers... even over Nicole Kidman.

from 6 months to today, about the only way we can cut the kid's fingernails is by hypnotizing her with The Wiggles. She doesn't care about any other TV show.

Glad to hear my child isn't the only one who gets that glazed-over special ed look when they come on!

The Wiggles are the crack cocaine of the preschool set.

I thought Thomas the Train Engine was crack for kids! I'll agree that Wiggles are just as entertaining. Now that my girl is good at learning songs, she's singing loud with them whenever it's on -- and dancing along too.

I am a preschool teacher and the mother of two young kids. Can't imagine life without the wiggles. It's the only way I can get things done, and in todays society with kids getting less and less exercise it really helps to get them moving, especially on rainy days.

I still remember reading a parenting magazine or somesuch, and the topic was how hormone changes during pregnancy can cause weird dreams, and the question from the mother-to-be was something along the lines of, "I've been having sexy dreams involving _____from the Wiggles. Is this normal?"

Very kind of you not to mention which one. whew.

We all know it was Captain feathersword, through.

He's ok. No Steve Burns, but ok.

just a year ago, my house was Wiggles free.... now, we are positively ADDICTED. The TV show, the dozen of DVDs, the toys, the music, the routines....
It's corny, tacky, yet addictive and incredible at teaching kids all the basics.
They are the richest australian entertainers as of this year... go figure!

We're all Ralph-heads over here at Chez Buck. Not that there's anything wrong with the Wiggles.

Richer than Yahoo Serious?!?

Hey, I am Australian (and keep meaning to order one of those funky Daddy Types tees). The Wiggles started out as a pop-rock band called The Cockroaches. They met at university in an early childhood education class... formed a pop band, decided that the kids needed to rock too and NOW THEY'RE INESCAPABLE!

my little one is 14 months old. She hasn't yet succumbed. But it will happen. The wiggles = All Your Base Belong To Us!

It's "All your base ARE belong to us!"

I have a 14 month old too (and another one coming any day now)...and I'll have a shelf in the DVD case clear for the Wiggles when the time comes.

I take New Jersey Transit into Penn Station every weekday. Every year, I emerge out of Penn Station, which is underneath Madison Square Garden, and see a buttload of families and strollers. Then when I look up at the MSG lighted marquee, there states my reason why: "THE WIGGLES IN CONCERT!" Crazy stuff.

"Can you point ...your fingers and do the twist?"

My 2-1/2 year old son loves them. At first I was like "hell no!" but then when I caught myself singing along to their songs, I accepted my fate... "WAKE UP, JEFF!"

At our Purim celebration every year, the rabbi and others dress up, not as characters from Purim, but as various pop culture characters that the kids will recognize.

The first year we went, I had my son dress up as someone from the Purim story (King Ahashuerus), saying he couldn't wear his Halloween costume because "There won't be any Tiggers at temple!" and lo and behold the Rabbi was dressed as Tigger.

This year, the Rabbi, the music director, the cantor and the education director were The Wiggles.

I absolutely loath the wiggles. The shows are so amateurish and just plain lazy-stupid. Burn your money instead of giving it these idiots.

Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Sulu.

Beem me up.

Little known fact: Before they were the Wiggles, they were an Australian punk band called The Cockroaches. Have the album. Listen with great glee.

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