June 8, 2005

Paternal Instinct, or Gay Surrogacy Adoption: The Movie

The Times has a warm, fuzzy review of documentary filmmaker Murray Nossel's latest work, Paternal Instinct, which follows a gay couple of ten years in NYC and the Maine woman who helps them have a child through surrogate adoption.

Nossel has made documentaries for PBS in the past, but this one--a happy story about a Unitarian witch helping The Gays have a baby, complete with several artificial insemination scenes, oh, and the birth upthisclose--has enough to make the new rightwing regime at PBS's head spin around. This one is for Cinemax.

Anyway, it's playing in the East Village--about as un-PBS as you can get--at Two Boots Pioneer Theater (155 East Third Street, at Avenue A). Fathers Mark and Erik will be at tonight's 9PM screening, and surrogate mom Wen will be there Friday night, so bring the whole family (except those crying kids, yo. It IS a movie, after all.)

Paternal Instinct: A Family Born of an Unusual Collaboration [nyt]
Two Boots Pioneer Theater {twoboots.com]
Paternal Instinct homepage - SPOILER ALERT [cinemax.com]
Nossell talks to the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival about making the movie [twnonline.com. shooting for six years??]

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