June 8, 2005

Chris Martin's Picks: Music To Give Birth By

Even though she's now a total groupie, following the band around on tour, Apple has apparently not heard her dad's new album. Answering a shameless reporter's question, Chris Martin replied, "She prefers an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros to Coldplay. She hasn't heard X+Y - we don't play it in the house.

"We played Sigur Ros at her birth - it's good music to come into the world to. She's a huge fan of The Beatles, too, which is cool."

[contactmusic.com, via]
Check out Sigur Ros's debut album Von or their breakthrough international album, ĄgĘtis Byrjun at amazon. That way you don't have to ask for them by name.

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"She prefers an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros to Coldplay" Ha, ha - who doesn't?

Interesting. I actually gave birth to Coldplay. Instead of pain I remember being incredibly annoyed that my husband was singing, "No one said it would be easy...no one said it would be so hard.." and then laughing. Jerk.

I'd even prefer being stranded in Iceland during a volcanic eruption to Coldplay's new album, but that's just me... :)

(no offense, I hope, Xdm... ribbing Coldplay and U2 is good clean fun!)

Oh no! None taken. There were hundreds of songs on the iPod "Maternity Mix" (thank god... my labor took for freaking ever) and it was just my luck that it was THAT song that came on when they all yelled posh and that my husband *jerk* thought it was so funny.

The maternity ward at our hospital was undergoing renovations at the delivery, and they were piping in alternative rock, which is why my daughter was born to Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." It's in the baby book. It could've been a lot worse.

I really wanted my new daughter to be born to Miles Davis' "Flamenco Sketches", from the album "Kind of Blue", but just at the moment when she was born, it turned out to be "So What" in the rotation. I'm quite sure that if I had let go of my wife's leg to reach behind me and hit the iPod, I'd be a dead man!

Oh, well, it's not as if the entire album isn't a masterpiece...and I *do* love "So What", even if it's not my absolute favorite from that album.

Anyway, I can also say that the Tivoli Audio iPAL I picked up to go along with us to the L&D room performed amirably. After testing out all the different external speaker options at the local Apple Store, the iPAL offered the best mix of sound quality, portability, and price. I've always wanted a Tivoli Audio system, and after my experience with the iPAL, I will definitely purchase a more extensive Tivoli system.

The rest of the rotation for the L&D room included more Miles Davis tunes, a selection of Diana Krall favorites, Bebel Gilberto's two albums, Rosa Passos' debut album, and Yo-Yo Ma's "Obrigado do Brasil" and Bach cello suites (although my wife keeps saying Yo Ma-Ma, we are related, in a fashion to the Ma family).

My wife is a fan of Coldplay, but it just doesn't seem like music you want to hear when you're pushin'...

God no... Chris Martin always seems to be in so much pain that he could be going through labor himself...

I brought along our old Creative Nomad MP3 player and some portable speakers, but they never came out of the suitcase, thanks to induced labor and the fact that my wife had 4 hours of contractions with zero rest time between them. The hospital had CD players they lend people as well, but I haven't bought a CD for three years now... :)

Music, we could have had music? I got a call from the wife while I was wallowing away in spreadsheet hell to get to the hospital post-haste. Our little boy was a bit early and I had (or so I thought) just a few minutes to throw what I could into a bag and get to the hospital. Palnned induction, no way, lets have the kid at 34 weeks 4 days but all turned out well. Considering the sizeable crowd in the delivery room I don't know if there would have been room even for an IPod at the end.

chris martin but hes a wonderful musician genius for the modern times. about time. all other music in the charts quite frankly are crappy beyond belief. they need to look music up in the dictionary or maybe grow some ears. its easy to critiicise genius as there is usually nothing else of the same calibre on earth to compare it to. some are a bit too melancholy, i suppose it just depends the time you choose to listen to them.

I give birth to my daughter 7/31/04 listening to "Clocks".
I love Coldplay and always have. I think that song is so soothing. I just closed my eyes listened and breathed it really helped a lot with the contractions and I gave birth totally naturally. I'm expecting my second child in December and I'm planning the birth the same way, scented candles and a lot of Coldplay.

yiks theres no way my child is being born to the sound of dull coldplay in the background!

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