June 7, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell Not A Breast Man

rosie.jpgNews from the People's Popular Breast Liberation Front Of Judea:

According to someone who attended yesterday's nurse-in at ABC's Columbus Avenue studio complex, The View continues trying to grow its audience 150 angry breastfeeders at a time by unleashing more breast-hating commentary than a Super Bowl stadiumful of FCC commissioners. Today's special surprise breast star? Why, it's angry mother of four, Rosie O'Donnell.

Until we see the tape, we'll take this lactivist's hearsay about what happened. But hey, if you can't trust a breast-and-baby-loving lactivist, who can you trust?

From what I understand, Rosie OíDonnell was an even bigger jackass when she discussed the subject [of breastfeeding in public, duh] as todayís guest on The View. Apparently, she was jealous of all the attention that her partner was getting while breastfeeding their baby, so she MADE HER STOP after 1 month!!! I guess us lactivists have our work cut out for us. ;-)
Indeed you do, comrade, just watch yourself around Rosie. I hear she's pretty handy with a whip.

[update from, um, militantbreastfeedingcult.com: Rosie did it for the children. "She said she saw how the baby was bonding very well with the mom through breastfeeding and since the adopted children didn't get the bond she said she put a stop to the nursing and bonding!!!"]


I'm new to your blog and you posted pic of Rosie has me running for the door... yikes!

That said, my wife is breastfeeding and it's not easy but by all accounts it's best for our newborn so we're sticking with it. I bet Ms. Hasselbeck would have killed to have been breastfed after a month in the Outback on Survivor...

That's it Rosie...make the one suffer just because all the other adoptees were unfortunate enough to. Somebody oughta use a whip on her!

I agree. All children should be equally disadvantaged. That's nice. Perfect parenting philosophy. I would hate to see what happened if one of the kids broke a leg.

What if one of the adopted children had been exposed to alcohol and crack or something in the womb? Does that mean her partner should have been knocking 'em back while preggo? One kid was malnourished before being adopted, so lets not feed our biological kid too well, that way the adopted kid won't feel so bad.

What a moron.

Are we sure she wasn't kidding? I mean, she is a comedian by trade.

Actually, Rosie did not say she did it for the other kids. She said SHE was jealous of the bonding experience her partner was having with the baby, and she wanted to have an equal bond. So it's bottles all around.

i used to be a HUGE fan of rosie, i thought she was brave and funny and kind.

i now think she needs psychiatric help. what an idiot... she should be completely ashamed of herself for her egotistical and inexcusable behaviour.

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