June 2, 2005

FYI: Your 'daddy type' T-shirt Will Be Mailed In A Plain White Envelope

Alex Kuczynski is paid cash money to go to stores and write about them for The New York Times. This makes her the most hated woman among women in the city. She was recently creeped out by the skeevy photos and vintage porn magazines which decorate the American Apparel store downtown:

The walls near the dressing rooms are blanketed with framed copies of Oui and Penthouse magazines from the 1970's. The models stare out, their eyes dumb, their mouths slots, their bodies spread-eagled. The display is right next to the children's section, and on a recent weekday I saw a girl tug at her mother's sleeve and heard her ask, "Mom, what does Ooo-ey mean?"
FYI, 'daddy type' T-shirts are printed on American Apparel fine jersey T's, which Kuczynski says are "as close to the Platonic ideal of T-shirt as you can get." They are delivered discreetly to your home in a plain white envelope.

Part Cotton, Part Virtue, Part Come-on [nyt]

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Funny, the risque posters on an American Apparel under construction here in Ann Arbor were torn down last night. The newspaper speculates that it could be someone opposed to large close-ups of women in wet t-shirts, but the company's spokesperson is sure that it's frat boys wanting to take them home.

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