May 31, 2005

Ultraman Stroller from Combi: Who Knew Otakus Could Reproduce?

ultraman_combi_stroller.jpgWe have clearly just scratched the surface of the improbabl character stroller market in Japan. DT reader Sarah has found just the thing to park next to your Batstroller: The Combi M78 Ultraman Dream Baby Car.

As you well know [if you're a giant vintage Japanese TV nerd, cough cough], Ultraman came to Earth from Nebula M78 and--actually, that's about all I know. There are more iterations of Ultraman than friends of Hello Kitty, frankly, and you have to be a total otaku to keep up on them all.

From what I can tell, though, M78 Ultraman is the Hello Kitty-fied version of the original man-in-a-rubber-suit TV character, and it's on this Ultraman-colored stroller. In at least two places. [Cam's right, Japanese store sites have the crappiest images.]

Priced at 35,000 yen, this is one of Combi's high-end models, but it's still kinda flimsy/rickety-feeling [which is how the Japanese market apparently likes its strollers, because they're all like that.] Called an A-kei, or A-type, it's rear-facing, fully reclinable, and suitable for kids 0-2 years old. [B-kei is forward-facing, reclines less or not at all, and is good for kids who can sit up, 6 months and older. Here's a comparison. In Japanese.]

Combi M78 Ultraman Dream Stroller, 36,750 yen with tax [, via]

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