May 31, 2005

Holy Promotional Tie-ins! Batman Stroller from Aprica

batman_aprica.jpgDay-um. When they say Batman Begins, they mean he begins in a stroller. The latest Batman movie opens worldwide on June 18th and the most unlikely licensed merchandise I can think of is now on sale in Japan: this special edition, Aprica W-Mini Eye-to-Eye Thermo stroller, which comes in "Batman Black" and with a Batman logo on the side of the canopy.

Before you start asking about the sanity of wheeling a new baby around Japan's 100-degree, 100% humidity summer in an all-black stroller, relax. The Aprica comes with a special Batmesh "W" ventilated seat system to keep the kid cool.

And it's designed with near-complete one-Bat-touch functionality, with reversible and angle-adjustable handle; easy open and close; and easy recline adjustment. It's suitable for kids from 0-2years, by which point there'll be a new Batman movie out, and you'll have to buy that stroller.

One major drawback: there are no cupholders, Bat- or otherwise.

The Batman Black Aprica W-Mini Eye-to-Eye Thermo stroller is 45,799 yen at Tos R Us Japan [, all hail Cam for finding this]
Related: The Marshmallow J-Turn Neo Thermo bed/chair/restraint system, also in Batman Black for 57,799 yen
Previously: Marshmallow vs Baby Rack: Japanese infant bed technology


No cupholders needed... remember, in Japan, it's bad manners to walk around with a drink. Besides, in Tokyo, you're never more than ten feet from a Starbucks... :)

Ah, I know it's Aprica and all, but it's not as cool as the Combi M-78 model, yes, that's right -- M-78 as in Ultraman. Don't have the URL on the laptop but I did blog it a while back -- here:
(don't mean to self-promote so feel free to remove the link!)

This may be worth buying just for the opportunity to someday exclaim "Quick! To the Batstroller!" (Commence playing Batman theme music in head on repeat ad nauseum.)

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