May 30, 2005

Stokke Xplory Baby Bag: Not Just For 6 Month-Olds Anymore

xplory_babybag.gifYou may call it a bassinet or a carrycot, but it doesn't matter. Stokke calls it a Baby Bag, and it's a new optional accessory for the Xplory stroller. One of the biggest hangups people have had with the Xplory is that Russell Crowe has one. No, I kid. It's that, without a bassinet, you really couldn't use it for newborns.

Now, with the first anniversary of the Xplory's European debut, Stokke has added a bassinet/carrycot option it calls the Baby Bag. Which is slightly odd, because the Baby Bag is clearly more like a bag in a hard structural shell, but then, Stokke also likes to do their own thing.

The Baby Bag is visible under various countries on the company's main site, but not yet on the US site. The UK shop Two Left Feet's site includes more images and detailed measurements, along with the UK price: 149. If you figure that US prices are 1.5x the UK's (the stroller itself costs 499, vs $750), the Baby Bag will probably clock in around $225 in the US, but who knows what those Norwegians'll come up with.

[There are other slight changes, too, and new colors and fabrics, including some Dwell-like dots--and all black.]

Stokke Xplory UK page
2005 Stokke Xplory for sale [Two Left Feet, UK]
Baby Bag, Schmaby Bag, you say? Buy the Xplory right now at Babystyle [babystyle]

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