May 30, 2005

American Apparel Organics

aa_sustainable_ed_one-piece.jpgLike Levi Strauss was to the California gold rush, American Apparel is to the armies of prospecting new parents who have started hip baby clothes companies in their spare time.

You can sit back and wait for your favorite hipster screen-printer to offer AA's new Sustainable Edition organic baby t-shirts and one-pieces, or you can buy them yourself, plain and simple.

One thing to check on, though; American Apparel has introduced several in-store-only products, including some Sustainable Edition pieces with green (get it?) stitching. If this matters to you, check with a store before buying online.

Buy the Sustainable Edition infant rib short-sleeve t-shirt for $12 or the rib short-sleeve one-piece for $14 from American Apparel []
Or better yet, get them near-wholesale from

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