May 28, 2005

Utah No Love The Surrogates, No Love The Gays

I mentioned the "state by state maze of parenting rights" in the earlier post about surrogacy's popularity with gay couples (and vice versa), and I just found an example: Utah.

You'd think a state which was founded by people who were chased out of the US precisely because of their non-traditional marriage practices, and whose first territorial governor, Brigham Young, used to protest that the government had no business regulating what went on in a man's bedroom, would have a sophisticated, nuanced view of parenting- and family-related law, and you'd be wrong. No Jeopardy! for you, my heathen friend.

Utah has outlawed surrogacy since 1986, and a bill to legalize it, introduced this year to the state legislature, would pointedly exclude gay and single parents. Adoption is already illegal for gay couples in Utah.

According to a Salt Lake Tribune article, four gay couples in four years have gone to Growing Generations, the LA agency specializing in facilitating surrogacy for gay parents, to have kids. You gotta give the Utah politicians credit, though: it takes a lot of activist cojones to push through a law discriminating against eight people.

Surrogacy bill leaves few options for gay couples []


Since when in the last century have Mormons been at the forefront of progressive thinking or lawmaking? Sad.

Utah must be a special place to live, in many ways. I guess with the current birthrate among mormons, it's just a question of time when utah is seperated from the rest of the states.

What is the current birth rate among Mormons?

I would say the birth rate among Morons is about 85.34%. I might be of a few hundreths of a percent so dont quote me. (haha, wonder which percent I fall under)

Trick question...I meant to say 'birth rate among Morons.

I completely agree that the utah legislature is out of line with these discriminatory laws , however for discrimination to end someone has to stop it in it's tracks. All of you have completely failed in this effort by making discrimanating remarks about Mormons. The fact of the matter is that while the church of jesus christ of latter day saints doesn't agree with homosexuality ,the church leadership has come out on several occasions to preach tolerance for our spirtual brothers and sisters.

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