May 23, 2005

New Apple Cart: The Combi Savvy

combi_savvy_ex.jpgLooks like the Paltrow Martins have a second stroller for the second string.

Grandma and the nanny friend Jenny [See comments. thnx, Sarah. I only know what I read.] have both been snapped pushing a Combi Ultra Savvy, a spindly, lightweight [at 17 lbs, it only looks lightweight.] Japanese alternative--actually, the two are so different, it's more of a complement--to their Bugaboo Frog.

One thing the Combi has that the Bugaboo doesn't: built-in speaker pouches in the canopy for listening to dad's new album.

Buy a 2005 Combi Ultra Savvy in Silver Pearl (aka grey) for $229.99 at Traveling Tikes, or try the apparently discontinued Savvy EX in Silver Breeze (aka black) at [damn, I'll say it, even though they bug] The only reason to buy a Claret-colored one for $199 is because you want to give me $10.

Blythe and Apple out for a walk on May 5th []
That's not Gwyneth; it's the nanny [pic,, via DT reader Nicki]


Have you ever reviewed the sleeping bag insert thingys to keep the tyke warm and cozy? Seems such a good idea for cold winter days - or days when you just can't be bothered with the warm gear. I thought I had a good lead on some waterproof ones made in Texas (bc. it's really cold there?) but they sold out. Gagabags, I think? I find few places make stroller liners that are truly big enough for toddlers; they're all for the teeny babes. Waterproofing also seems a good feature but I'm not convinced that the ones that advertise using them in the car seat are (a) safe, or (b) as easy to insert & remove as they advertise. Actually, I've stopped looking all that hard, now that the warmer weather is nearly here, but your post of the Apple in her cozy Apple cart reminded me... Any leads??

LOL, that's Gwyneth's friend Jenny, not a nanny!

We bought the Savvy EX in Claret--from BabyUniverse no less. I really like their customer service by the way..

The Savvy is fine. It's a bit creaky, but then there's a lot of plastic there. It's light, folds compactly and has snack compartments on the front bar, which appeals greatly to my goldfish-chomping daughter.

I wouldn't trade this umbrella-style stroller for a big fold-forward type. It's a good blend of compact & comfy.

BTW, the Ultra Savvy is supposed to weigh 14lbs, NOT 17lbs. Of course, Combi's web site contradicts itself 3 times . . .

Caveat emptor. My Savvy snapped right at the folding mechanism after a few months of use during which we folded it only a few times. It also just feels like crap to drive--too wobbly. OTOH, I'm convinced my son could be fluent in 40 different languages if I'd only kept piping them in to him through the acoustic canopy...I'm sure that's why he's not in a super-selective preschool right now.

I wouldn't trade my MacLaren Volo for all the Combi in Japan. Its aluminum, and two of my boys can stack themselves in it (which they do) and it still strolls nicely. Our driveway is one looong dirt and gravel path, leading to a dirt road, so you can imagine, it gets its fair share of rough and tumble, its stood the test of time and the test of boys (most Ikea items don't pass the test of boys)......Ich hasse Plastikm¸ll anyways......

The Ultra Savvy actually does weigh 17 pounds!!! Where did you see it weighs 14 pounds?

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