May 23, 2005

Are We Not Messy Eaters? We Are Devo.

Yes, the Little Eater Suit from Hippychick also comes in red, blue, and green, but why would you want anything but yellow?

According to the website, here's what the suit says to prospective wearers and buyers:
"I protect your clothes so that they do not become dirty at meal times."
"I have velcro fastening to my ankles and wrists to make it easy to put me on."
"I come with a FREE tote bag so that when I get messy you can put me inside it especially if you are eating out."

And here's what the suit says to the people around you:
"Our sofa is wrapped in plastic, too."
"Of course we want my kid to look good, just not for you."
"We're through being cool."

Buy a Little Eater Suit from Hippychick for 8.00, plus 8.00 shipping to the US [, hat not included]


The real problem comes when you try to put a plastic bag ove the kid's head to keep her face and hair clean, too. That always ends badly.

Do they make that suit in adult sizes? Just asking...

This conjoures images from Wierd Al's "UHF"... are these people feeding their kids with firehoses or something? I mean, full coverage bibs are kool, especially with ickey stuff like ribs or mashed potatoes (the bibs that go over their arms so that it covers their front side and can't be moved side to side like a normal bib). I guess if these things were disposable and ripped away in Yellow that might be kool. Honestly, how lazy can ya get? Shall we not teach our kids mannors and how to eat like a cilvilized human? Are we not fathers? Are we not men!? D. E. V. O. :)

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