May 22, 2005

Baby Daddy Clothing: Free Condom With Purchase!

Most of you, when you first heard about Baby Daddy Clothing and their catchy tagline, "Be Proud Be Involved" from the Atlanta hip-hop sensation Mr. Clutch, probably thought, "This is just another example of a celebrity trying to look good by giving a shoutout to some giant, faceless charity organization that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk." But you'd be wrong.

BDC is a company founded and run by three very experienced baby daddies, with 11 babies between them, and they're pursuing an ambitious mission, "to have an impact on shining a positve light on dads and their very important contribution," and "to raise dads to a new positive level through public awareness campaigns" through the best way they know how: retailing some righteous gear.

But not just any gear, but gear with a message:

So moms we are asking you to put your feelings for your Baby's Daddy aside and make every attempt to allow dad access to his child...both parents are important. Fellas, come on bro, we are asking you to step up and "Be Proud Be Involved".
And the free condom with every order? That's just part of BDC's "effort to remind men of the importance of taking responsibility for our actions." Better late than never, right bro?

You can buy any one of the five items in the Baby Daddy Clothing collection--two football jerseys, a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a skull cap--at any one of two fine retail establishments between Hollywood, Florida and Las Vegas, or order online at

I'd show you some photos, but if I run afoul of federal law by copying them without permission, I risk gettin' sent back upstate, and me and my baby's momma got a good thing goin' right now, and I don't want to mess that up. Word.

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