May 19, 2005 You'll Know It's Time To Turn The Page...

kiddie_records_hopalong.gifThis is what the web is for. Basic Hip Digital Oddio is converting classic childrens' records from the 1940's and 50's to from paper and vinyl to jpeg and mp3. Each week this year, they upload another sweet, seriously old-school multimedia title.

There are Disney titles (I'm downloading "Songs from the South for Children" as I type this), fairy tales, cowboy music, all kinds of old-fashioned goodness. (Well, not that good if you still count Little Black Sambo as an potent symbol of racial discrimination, but des heer tar baby don't noes nuffin' 'bout dat. gun let her multi-racial frenz larn some sense innuh her 'bout folks' skin don't mean nuffin' jes de contents uh dey character. ahem.), brought to you by Basic Hip Digital Oddio [via]

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These guys really are doing a public service. I used to spend hours in my basement acting out old Lone Ranger and Superman serials. Of course those records were just re-release 33's playing through a Fisher-Price phonograph, but what a treat.

Although seriously, what's up with "It's Fun to Eat?" Maybe it was reminding kids after the War to stop all that damn rationing and start consuming again.

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