May 19, 2005

BabySIM Robot Delivered At Florida Hospital

babysim.jpg[via robotwisdom] From ABC News, a story about the delivery at a Florida hospital of BabySIM, a $52,000 pediatrics training robot:

At 21 pounds and 28 inches in length, BabySIM has the physical characteristics of a three- to six-month old infant, but its fat little belly is stuffed full of computer parts.

The infant can pitch a fit, wet a diaper, has a strong pulse, heart functions, eyes that dilate and blink, sneeze, drool and react to medical treatment and drugs. It can be a girl or a boy. It can also die if the doctors, nurses and paramedics who train on the simulated infant make a serious mistake.

BabySIM was developed by Medical Education Technologies, Inc., the leader in the pediatric simulation robotics industry.

For more information visit or No kidding.

Other baby robot-related news: British Crackbabybots; Cinnamon, the Stroller Test Dummy; Scottish Queer Eye guys adopt robotbaby.

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