May 18, 2005

Daddy Showers: What Happens In Memphis Stays In Memphis

Not anymore. I just received this request for help from a parenting magazine writer. If you or your buddy fits the bill, I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing from you. Email, and it'll automatically forward to her:

I am doing a piece on "Daddy Showers" for the dad to be. We want to feature someone who is having one or has had one recently in the West TN area. We want to get pictures--jpgs are fine and talk to them for about 20 minutes about what it meant to be remembered for the event, what they did during the shower and what the overall experience was for the new dad.
For more daddy shower information, try this previous post: It's Not Raining, Men: Baby Showers


I can only imagine what the daddy shower would entail. I'd love to read the article, so you'll have to link it when it comes out.

New to your blog, looks like some good stuff, I think I'll follow the feed.

Having talked to friends and family, apparently even having a "co-ed" shower was being progressive, even though it was still really all about the mother. but i would imagine a daddy shower to be along the lines of a bachelor party, but maybe not really focusing so much on the strippers.

Or does it just involve gifts, in which case, um, strollers and manly diaper bags all around!

... or perhaps it is a "this is the last time we'll get to hang out and drink beer and watch sports and/or play cards in a long long time" party for the father-to-be and his friends?

"Daddy showers" sounds like a dumb journalist made-up buzzword like "man dates". I think the reality (at least among my friends) is that traditional baby showers are mostly dumb affairs with games no one wants to play.

So for our two showers, we insisted they be co-ed and more importantly, be relaxed afternoon parties with drinks, bbq on the deck, and friends and family having a good time. After a few hours, sure we open some gifts, but otherwise it's just a relaxing party spent with friends.

Don't underestimate the unholy inertia of the baby industry complex; they're the same ones who brought the world those wedding cake-like diaper towers.

Ugh, as long as there are no freaking gifts.

Isn't the greater danger from the baby-industrial complex that they will bring down the idea of an involved dad. A few more articles like this, a couple pieces on 20/20, a dozen pictures of Kevin Federline pushing a bugaboo and next thing you know being a dad is the next, New York, yuppie scum, prestige item and the only way to be a real man will be to go drink beer and watch NASCAR while remote web hunting during your child's birth . . .

What was this thread about again?

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