May 17, 2005

Dungeons & Dragons Naming Techniques

Now, I'm no expert, so I don't know if just naming your kid after your favorite D&D character is the highest honor, or the skeeviest error, like naming her after your psycho ex-girlfriend (and not telling your wife that's where you got the name).

So if your own portfolio of character names are either covered or off the table, but you'd still like to come up with a powerful name for your little Dungeon Master-to-be, check out this message forum on D&D Online for some expert discussions of name generating techniques. [WARNING: Level-10 apostrophe field in effect]

Oh, and talk it over with your partner first. Because the fact that you have one, and are having a child makes me think you never told her about your little D&D phase...

Character Naming Techniques [D&D Online Official Forums]
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When I used to play years ago, I'd always use the name, "Balanstoff" ... think I could convince my wife this is a real name and not a D&D name.

(I'm not even going to geek out and tell Greg that most of those people probably play AD&D, not just regular D&D)

Conceivably, i could make a loose translation of Balanstoff into swedish and it would mean, Whale Guts.


Wow. It never occurred to me to ask my husband what his D&D names were. I remember saying no to all the names he chose from his favorite science fiction books but then I let him choose our first son's middle name from a baby book while I shopped at Japanese Weekend. It seemed like a good way to prolong the shopping trip. Now, I'm sitting in my office wondering how similar the names are...

My AD&D or Paladium charactor name was "Darryon" typically. I liked Sabastion alot too, which I inteded to name my son (due in 6 weeks) but we gave up on it when we realized that shortening it doesn't go well. "Sabby"?

Would it make you proud to know that my wife and I did however name our first born (daughter) Nova? I grew up reading (and playing) alot of Macross (Robotech in the states) and other scifi, I thought Nova was a pretty kool and normal name. Its taken the rest of the family while to get use to though. We've ensured that she can use her middle name latter in life if she chooses to downplay Nova.

Sebastian is usually shorted to "Seb". The 14 year-old Sebastian I know goes by "Seb". It's cool. I think there is nothing wrong with naming your child after something you created, irregardless if it originated in playing a game, like DnD. Moms should not penalize the dad's if this is the case. The origin of the name is irrelevant. Focus on determining the coolness factor of the name on its own merit. For example, Sebastian is cool, Golstaff is not.

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