May 17, 2005

DucDuc Clues: Baby Furniture Spotted At ICFF

ducduc_crib.jpgThe International Contemporary Furniture Fair is at the Javitz Center week. What that meant over the weekend: nothing, just that 11th Ave was swarming with pedestrians, furniture designers decked out for an afterparty--in the middle of the day.

What it means now that I found MoCo Loco's daily photo diary: that I want to know more about ducduc, who debuted a clean, square, modernist crib and changing table at the fair.

Unfortunately, their website's not open, and they haven't returned my call, so what it is, where it is, anything about it remains a mystery at this point. From their registration at the JPMA, though, I DO know that the "four ducduc ideals" are "no fixed use, self-expression, nurturing, and environment." Someday, Grasshopper, you will understand.

Scroll down about halfway for the full-sized version of MoCo Loco's photo.

ICFF 2005 Day 2 []
ducduc: a new aesthetic for a new generation [, which is somehow connected to Bear Ventures, a NYC-based private investment outfit]


Greg... when you find out more please repost! Thanks!

The website will be up in mid-June. At least that's what they told me.

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