May 15, 2005

Cute Little Beggar

So for weeks now, we've been thinking, the kid sure has her "B's" down. She'd be all, "bee bee bee bee" this and "bee bee bee bee" that, and we'd tell her, "what baby?"

Now we (ok, my wife) figure out she means "please," which on the one hand is awesome that she's picking up on the "say please" thing, but on the other hand, is horrible because it means she's been wandering through her world, begging for things, and being ignored and denied by the people who she thought she could count on.

I've been thinking this for several months now when the kid gets frustrated: it's not because she can't say what she wants to say. She knows exactly what she's saying, clear as day. She's frustrated because her parents are dimwits who just don't understand her. So this is how it starts.


Lucas goes on long soliloquies that always end with a questioning tone that I have decided means "you know?" or (we're Canadian after all) "eh?".

He then looks annoyed that we haven't jumped up and done his biding.

That is hilarious! My girl is doing exactly the same thing. Last week she learned to say "PEEEEE!", and is now empahatically saying "PEEEEEE, PEEEE, PEEEEE" to everything she sees, and blowing a gasket when we are forced to say no - "No, sweetie, you can say PEEEEEE all you want, but we can't give you the scissors".

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