May 12, 2005

Home Birth: The Flash Movie

Talk about your involved dad. In the credits of his Flash movie (actually it's more of a slideshow) documenting the home birth of his son Jude Roman, Daniel Fairbanks's line reads "web design, art direction and baby maker." And while wife Sonora gets the biggest credit, obviously, Daniel also cast himself as coach, catcher, and baby weigher (using one of the many batik-print fabrics* that were draped around the, um, family room.

The roles of onlookers and were played by the Fairbanks's other children, Corban and Serene. The role of slightly stunned-looking cord cutter was played by Serene. The role of deemed-too-young-to-watch child was played by Liam.

Whatever your thoughts on home birth, you gotta admit: those Fairbanks's are on the cutting edge of baby naming.

Welcome Jude Roman Fairbanks [, via, Flash required, safe for work, thanks to DT reader (other) Greg]

* And if anyone's tempted to get all red-state on them, you should know that Fairbanks also made the website for In The Face of Evil, a documentary about all the lessons the world can learn from Ronald Reagan's brave words and deeds in--you got it--the face of evil**.
** Presumably, his abject cutting and running after the Marine barracks terrorist bombing in Lebanon was omitted. But I'm no David Foster-Wallace, so I'll stop here with the digressions-within-digressions.

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Actually kind of beautiful. The photography was apparently done by a professional, and the whole thing comes out kind of fuzzy and lovely. Plus, great expressions on the two children present.

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