May 11, 2005

Holy Crap. Little Ruler Baby Skate Gear


Someone emailed about all the clothing posts recently and asked if it was Fashion Week at Daddy Types. Hadn't noticed it, to be honest; maybe it'all the puking. [sick kid > puking > models > fashion week, you with me?]. But this latest find makes all the sleepless nights and extra laundry worthwhile: Little Rulers.

Founded by 80's Santa Cruz skater Jeff Kendall and his wife Maureen, Little Ruler has an AWESOME collection of exclusively licensed classic skate gear for, well, for the babies of 80's skaters, obviously. There are one-pieces and t-shirts from Santa Cruz, Independent, Powell Peralta, and Thrasher Magazine.

Add to that a selection of Skate Punk band t-shirts from the Vandals, and Faction (and Faction bass/skater Steve Caballero), and infant and toddler shoes from Vans, Etnies, and DC (including, for the moment, at least, classic checkerboard slip-ons, in toddler sizes only), and we're looking at one of the finest reincarnations of 80's So Cal culture available for 00's kids. And they say they're expanding.

Oh, and before I forget: No poseurs.

Shop online at Little Ruler [, thanks DT reader and skatechick, I guess, Anna]


Now that is pretty cool.

I want to shop at little, but no matter what link I find for them, it says you need user name and password to access-how can I do that?
Please help-this is exactly what I was looking for to dress my baby in!!

I am also trying to get into little rulers website i was on it the other night no problem, bookmarked it and now it asks for a user name and password...I really want back on this site as i was going to place an order!!!!!

Please Help

[I just heard from the folks at Little Ruler. the site's offline for inventory at the moment; they expect to have it back up and running by Fri/Sat, Apr 4/5. -ed.]

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