May 8, 2005

Free TiVo for your Baby

Sound like a fair trade? Have your baby at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas over the Mother's Day weekend, and TiVo will give you a free box and lifetime service.

All they apparently ask in return is to just put your new baby next to this TiVo plush toy for a few minutes while this phalanx of photographers over here does its job and...

Sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate the most important relationship in the world, the one between mother and child, er, television and child, marketer and child. This publicity stunt was brought to you by, an organization founded by one of the hosts of The View, which is dedicated to strengthening the national retailer-child relationship since 2000.

Have a baby, get a TiVo at Parkland [, via engadget. thanks to DT readers Eric & Sarah]

[update: bwahaha, why make jokes of my own when the news report is funny enough? Parkland being a public hospital, it turns out the largely Spanish-speaking maternity patients couldn't read the English-only TiVo gift certificates. And because the oh-so-sensitive hospital thought it'd be too traumatic to ask mothers who'd actually just given birth this weekend to pose for the cameras, they rounded up some C-section patients from earlier in the week. Because pimping out newborns=unthinkable, but pimping out 2-day-olds=sweet! Free TiVo!

And finally, a super-black naming shoutout to mom Qwenavon, who named her daughter Genesis, and to little De'Corian Hill, above, who's due for a lifetime of trademark run-ins with the DuPont Company.]

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