May 3, 2005

That's why they call it "reproduction"

From the frontlines of East Village parenthood, Katherine Stewart confesses to being shocked, shocked that her kid isn't unique: turns out every other Sophia, Ava, and Maya in town does baby yoga, too.

The moral: don't name her Sophia because you're trying to be original, but because you love the name.

Mommy Mimics: So Having a Baby Wasnít Just My Idea?
[, via google cache. NYO's site is so lame.]
related: The Kid's Five Favorite Yoga Postures [and this, at seven months. she's so advanced.]

[Don't worry, no dads were harmed--or mentioned--in the writing of this column.]


First we send the name Sophia down-market, and then lately I've started seeing kids around here doing yoga. We sure know how to ruin a good thing in the Midwest.

I've also noticed that walking upright without dragging our knuckles is catching on in a big way.

God I hope this was written with irony.

She just wanted to use the word tumescent.

Don't forget Emma too!

*sigh* My husband and I picked Olivia for our first child's name because we loved it. Then we discovered it was the 5th most popular girl's name for the year before she was born. At least there weren't any Olivias in Texas - yet. The other name we seriously considered was Sophia.

We have a son, so may be different in the boy world. We ended up naming him Jack (full name Jackson). I was also partial to Elliott and Luc. But my husband said I needed to apply the "jungle of the playground" test for boys names. Meaning, with names like Elliott Easterling Friday or Luc Bui Friday, my son was going to be beat up every day as soon as he hit the playground (according to my husband). I still haven't figured out the threshold.

But according to my husband, Jack is a name that will enable him to hold his own in the treacherous frontlines of third-grade hand-to-hand combat. I thought Jack was pretty unique for this generation. Turns out every other boy I know under 2 is named Jack. I guess there's safety in numbers. They can't all beat each up can they?

I hope her tongue was firmly planted in cheek. I would prefer to think no one gets pregnant to be first on their block. I know that's not true but I can dream.

I guess my great grandmother was really ahead of her time out in the midwest being named Sophia and all. Who knew that such backward uncool people could be so trend setting? I've never understood the desire to make sure no one else has your child's name. I guess that's how creative name spelling got started.

We used Sophia as a middle name, so we wouldn't be tempted to use it as a first name on the next one ;)

Naah, the real reason we used it is we liked it second best and it flowed well with the first name...

Had to use the Google cache to find the article you were linking to, the link currently point to a less-cheery "Remembering Rosie".

Has anyone seen the SNL skit with Nicholas Cage arguing with his wife over baby names? He is worried that their kid will be teased. The punchline--his name his "Asswipe Johnson" pronounced "ahs-wee-pay."

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