April 24, 2005

The Barry Bonds of Diaper Champs

pimped out diaper champ with twice the capacity and easier bag changing capabilityWhether its from their outfielders or their Diaper Champs, folks in the Bay Area know that getting maximum performance sometimes requires extreme steps.

But as Mark McGuire once said, we're not here to talk about the past. So I'll just talk about new dad and DT reader Jan's sweet, pimped out Diaper Champ, which, like a home run champ, he pumped up to twice its natural size.

See, Jan found that son Liam's output was so great, and the Diaper Champ's capacity was so small, he was having to take the garbage out, like, every few days. And that blue contraption in the Champ that was supposed to hold the bag in place? Too complicated and it didn't work half the time.

So he took things--specifically, a hot box cutter, some bamboo skewers, and a $40 OXO garbage can from Bed, Bath & Beyond--into his own hands. Now he won't have to take the garbage out for months. [Jan's own target was once a week. We'll see if that schedule holds once the kid starts eating solid foods--and enters the major leagues of poo.]

Of the result, Jan says:

The only minor problem I had with the modifications was that the bottom of the champ lid and the top of the OXO garbage can had a slight convex surface opposing each other so it was difficult to get a flushed fitting to make it look seamless but I think all in all I accomplished what I wanted which was to increase the capacity of the champ. It boggles me why they don't offer one with a bigger capacity.
See Jan's annotated photos of how he did it below.

pimped out diaper champ with twice the capacity and easier bag changing capability



Photos and captions are Jan's, btw. Thanks!


This is pretty clever.


Great McGuyvering. What is it with people wanting to change their diaper pail only once a week. The smell of a week's worth of diapers is enough to bring any man to his knees. I don't know how they do it.

Great innovation, but you will be 'brought to your knees' by solid food. We continue to use the champ for non-soiled diapers, but for the real stuff the diaper has GOT to go outside the house. We began by trying to hermetically seal each one in a small plastic (recycled) grocery bag, but even that proved useless. There is no sane reason to storing feces in your home.

[emphasis added because it's both true and damn funny. -ed.]

Only a gear-head full of sh@t could come up with this brilliant creation--bravo Jan

Yeah - we gave up on Diaper Champ as soon as the baby switched to solids - the smell was just unberable. Moved to that playtex thingy with self sealing - heavy duty bags.

Room smells much nicer now!

Well, when you're using cloth diapers, you have to keep the soiled diapers until the next wash...

Yes, but when you are using cloth diapers, you put the diaper in the repository of choice and the poop goes into the toilet. The packaging for disposable diapers says to put the poop into the toilet, not wrap it up in the disposable diaper. As Eric said above, there's no sane reason to keep human feces in your house. It really only takes a second and if you do this, you may not have to take the diaper straight out anyway.

Regardless of the kind of diaper, once you remove the majority of the stench-producing solids, the smell is greatly decreased. Careful selection of a lidded can of some sort means odors can only get out when it's open, a few seconds at most; even a five gallon bucket with lid can be used.

Also, people who wash their own diapers go a day or two between washes. The cloth diaper pail generally doesn't have time to develop the complexity of aroma of poopy diapers that have been stewing for a half week or more.

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