April 22, 2005

What Did You Do In The Mommy War, Daddy?

Rebel Dad points to Miriam Pescovitz's interesting-sounding book, The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars, which brings sorely lacking nuance to the debates over how women balance work and parenting.

On her blog, Playground Revolution, Pescovitz writes about issues she hears raised on her book tour. In one particularly biting post, she expands on a NYT debunking of Wife Swap, which apparently shoehorned its mommy participants into trite, fabricated stereotypes:

Meanwhile, of course, we learn almost nothing about the fathers, as if men don't take part in family life, as if they too don't make creative decisions about how much they want to work, and parent.
Buy The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars at Amazon [half-hilariously, Amazon's "buy similar" suggestions are probably what drove Pescovitz to write her book in the first place] Playground Revolution

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