April 21, 2005

From A New Dad's Diary Of His Book Tour

For some reason, this little paragraph really moved me. It's from Kevin Guilfoile's report from the road for The Morning News. He was on tour to promote his awesome (and awesomely reviewed) first novel, Cast of Shadows.

In the late afternoon I walk down to the financial district and meet my friend JT for a beer. JT is the brother of one of my best friends and is largely responsible for introducing me to my wife. This beer is one in a series of thank yous that will continue, once a year or so, for the rest of our lives.
You may know Guilfoile from such posts as TMN's New Father Roundtables I and II: Electric Boogaloo.

The Tour, Chapter Two [themorningnews.org]
Buy Cast of Shadows at Amazon. [hardcovers help send baby Guilfoile to college.]

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